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Department holds its first International Translation Day Mini-conference

Presenters and Attendees for the 2016 International Translation Day Conference
October 6, 2016
The need for translators worldwide has not decreased.  There is a growing need for collaboration and interaction among translators worldwideIn a world where communication via many formats is ever-increasing.  It seems fitting that the Department of Languages and Culture Studies should recognize the importance of translators and of the profession by celebrating International Translation...

Translation in 2016: How UNC Charlotte prepares Translation Professionals

Dr. Rodriguez presents McKenzie Gatz from SDL
September 28, 2016
In a world where information flows so freely and via so many platforms, translation professionals have never been busier as the communication demands of a global economy increase.  The demand is clear, but how  do universities like UNC Charlotte play a role in meeting such needs?  What tools and experiences are necessary to prepare future translators and interpreters?  How...

Study Abroad Fair Invites Students to Explore the Global Classroom

View of 2016 Study Abroad Fair
September 22, 2016
While UNC Charlotte students gain great insight into world culture, politics, and economics from classes held on campus and online, the faculty in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies agree that nothing can compare to the lessons learned from study abroad experiences.  The Annual Study Abroad Fair was held in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center, and offered students...

Fumie Kato named Post-secondary Teacher of the Year by AATJ

September 20, 2016
Professor Fumie Kato has been awarded Post-secondary Teacher of the Year by the American Association of Japanese (AATJ).  Professor Kato will be recognized for her accomplishments this November in Boston at the annual conference of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, the largest foreign language conference in the nation.  Earlier this year, professor Kato was...

Service Learning in The Hispanic Community: Great Results!

September 1, 2016
The summer of 2016 is the perfect example of the growth of opportunity that keeps expanding in the city of Charlotte. My name is Ian Pardy Rodriguez and along with my teammate, Pablo Arellano, we worked on a research project to better help the Hispanic community in Charlotte. This research was conducted through the UNC Charlotte program, Charlotte Community Scholars, and we were recommended by...