Department holds its first International Translation Day Mini-conference

Date Published: 
October 6, 2016
Presenters and Attendees for the 2016 International Translation Day Conference

Presenters and Attendees for the 2016 International Translation Day Conference

The need for translators worldwide has not decreased.  There is a growing need for collaboration and interaction among translators worldwideIn a world where communication via many formats is ever-increasing.  It seems fitting that the Department of Languages and Culture Studies should recognize the importance of translators and of the profession by celebrating International Translation Day.  On September 30th, faculty, students, and guest speakers from the Charlotte Metro region gathered on campus to engage in  presentations and discussions throughout the day.  Professor Aura Lawson single handedly organized the event, also presided over by Doctors Michael Doyle and Associate Chair Professor Anabal Aliaga-Buchenau.   

The event featured presentations on translation theory, current statistics on the profession, and an outlook for translation and translators.  A highlight of the day was a panel discussion featuring professional translators that included Professor Garret Fisher (Subtitling), Mr. Peter Floyd (Federal Court Interpreting), Dr. Jeffrey Killman (Computer-assisted Translating Tools), and Dr. Monica Rodriguez (Overview of skills and Project Management).  Following, attendees could choose from among 10  concurrent sessions featuring readings of literature in translation.  During these sessions, professionals read from their translations, offering insight into their craft and inviting questions from attendees.  The afternoon included a round of workshops across areas of translation:

  • French/English Literature -  A look at L’Etranger Part I, Chapter 6 by Albert Camus, led by Professor Liane Honeycutt
  • Legal Translation -  English/Spanish translation led by Professor Susana Cisneros
  • Subtitling - English/Spanish subtitling led by Professor Garrett Fisher
  • Comparative Literature - The BookFair Murders by Anna Porter led by Professor Carina Shumann

According to Associate Chair Aliaga-Buchenau, "the event was a kaleidescope of perspectives on the field, representing the applicability and vitality of translation in all of its facets." 

Faculty agreed that the event was indeed a great success, and have already indicated plans to hold the event again next year.  Given the powerful blend of theory and practice shared throughout the day, organizers agreed that all translation students will be required to attend next year's event.  

The International Federation of Translators established this day in 1991 to promote solidarity and call attention to the global importance of translation.  September 30th is the official day for this celebration, coinciding with the Feast of Saint Jerome who, as a translator of the Latin Vulgate Bible, is considered the patron saint of translators, scholars, and librarians amongst others.