New Hispanic Studies Concentration for Double Majors!

Date Published: 
December 5, 2016
Check out options for the double major

Check out options for the double major


Are you thinking about declaring a minor in Spanish? Add two more courses and get a second major in Spanish with a Hispanic Studies concentration instead!

This new concentration in Hispanic Studies has just been approved and will go into effect immediately in Spring 2017. The new option counts SPAN 2201 and 2202 toward the major and allows one course in English that can double count for a required course in your other major or double count as a writing intensive course. Best of all, this option has only 4 required courses (2201, 2202, 3201, and 3202 or 3203). If your Spanish is good enough to begin at the 3000 level, we will waive SPAN 2201 and 2202. By removing all required courses (except for the advanced language courses), you can find the connections between your two majors. For example, you could do an internship for criminal justice, sociology, or communication studies in the Latino community and that internship could double count for your Spanish major, or you could take a course in Latin American history or politics that could double count for a history, political science, or Latin American Studies major and your Spanish major. Or what about a course in Chicano/a or Latino/a writers for your English major that you could also count for Spanish. Or a course in business in Latin America that you could combine with your emphasis in business Spanish. See the planning sheet for details.

Consider the possibilities! International Business, Global Studies, Education!