UNC Charlotte to host Pop Up Film Festival

Date Published: 
April 25, 2017
The Joedance Pop-Up Festival is one of many events related to the Joedance festival.

The Joedance Pop-Up Festival is one of many events related to the Joedance festival.

Joedance Film Festival, a nonprofit organization which raises funds for rare pediatric cancer research at the Levine Children's Hospital, along with  Program Director Professor Will Davis, are working to further its outreach and share knowledge of the work Levine Children's Hospital is doing while showcasing and connecting with Charlotte-based filmmakers. As we move into the 8th annual festival this summer, the organization is holding its inaugural Pop-Up Film Festival at UNC Charlotte this Thursday, April 27th in Room 110 of the Storrs building, in partnership with the Film Studies Program, the Languages and Culture Studies Department and the UNCC Film Club along with the production company, Small Creatures.
The event will feature music video + documentary work by Joshua Yates (a Joedance alum and Film Studies faculty member), followed by a 45-minute visual score produced by Professor Davis and directed for the Washington D.C. band The Cowards Choir, who will perform as a 5-piece live alongside the visuals. Following the screenings and music performance, we will all discuss our respective work and the process of creating art for other art forms (music videos, film scoring, etc.).
The event will provide light refreshments and is a great opportunity to view some work produced by faculty members in the Department of Languages and Cultures Studies, in the spirit of community connection. 
  • DATE: Thursday April 27th, 2017
  • TIME: 7-9pm
  • LOCATION: UNCC, Storrs 110 (Architecture building)
  • COST: Free
  • CONTENT: Music Videos, Documentaries & Video Art with Live Musical Accompaniment, Post-Screening Discussion + Audience Q&A

All proceeds from this event go to Levine Children's Hospital for Rare Pediatric Cancer Research.