Minor in Classical Studies

The Minor in Classical Studies focuses a student’s interest in ancient Mediterranean history and provides a foundation for advanced work in other academic disciplines as well as professional programs in law, medicine and finance. The Minor gives students an opportunity to develop a keener perception and better understanding of the cultural forces at work in the contemporary world. By presenting a broad selection of courses in the various disciplines of literature, philosophy and history, the minor provides students with a sound overview of Western antiquity.  Dr. Dale Grote is the Classics coordinator.


The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours of course work distributed over at least three of the following five areas of study:

  1. Languages: LATN 1202 or higher, or GREK 1202 or higher, or LACS 2201 (Modern Greek).
  2. Ancient Material Culture: For example, ARTH 3320 – Egypt and Ancient Near Eastern Art; ARTH 3322 – Ancient Greek Art; ARTH 3323 – Ancient Roman Art;  ANTH 2151, Introduction to Archaeology; ANTH 3152, Early Civilizations; any pre-approved, structured tour of Italy or Greece granting official academic credit from a recognized post-secondary institution.
  3. Ancient History: For example, HIST 3101 History of Greece, HIST 3102 History of Rome.
  4. Greek and Roman Literature: For example, RELS 3101 Greek Myths and Religion; ENGL 4111 Ancient World Literature.
  5. Greek and Roman Thought: For example, POLS 3171 History of Classical Political Philosophy, PHIL 3211 Ancient Philosophy, PHIL 3212 Medieval Philosophy.

This is not an exhaustive list of courses that may be applied to the degree. There are many LBST courses that may be appropriate for the Minor depending on the subject and material covered. Other courses, such as topics courses and private readings, that focus on subjects from Western antiquity may be approved by the Classics coordinator for any of the five areas of study. To make a request for approval, submit the syllabus to Dr. Dale Grote in the Department of Languages and Culture Studies.