Modern Greek at UNC Charlotte

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Why study Modern Greek?

The Greek language is more than just Aristotle and Homer. It has a vibrant, living tradition that extends from the deepest antiquity to the present day. Currently more than 13 million people in Greece speak it as their native tongue and countless more speak Greek as a second language.

If your major requires three semesters of a foreign language, you can fulfill it with just two semesters of Modern Greek, because Greek is in a non-Latinate alphabet.

MDGK 1201 & 1202 Beginning Modern Greek

This course emphasizes the basics of Greek grammar and speaking, listening and comprehension. You'll learn how Greek works and how to get around in Greece with simple, ordinary expression. It is designed for true beginners with no background whatsoever in Modern Greek. Students with native background in Modern Greek -- those who heard it at home growing up and who can understand basic household Greek -- will be actively discouraged from taking this course. They will be best served in the next level,

Τι ώρα θα είναι σε δεκαπέντε λεπτά;
Σε δεκαπέντα λεπτά θα είναι εννέα η ώρα.
Είναι τώρα απόγευμα η βράδυ;
Τώρα ειναι απόγευμα.

MDGK 2201 & 2202 Intermediate Modern Greek

This section is at the third semester level and is designed for heritage speakers of Greek; that is, students who were raised in a Greek speaking household but who have no or little understanding of Greek grammar or its written form. The course will emphasize the basics of Greek grammar, reading and writing, and will build on the native experience of the students in the class to develop a working vocabulary appropriate for near native speakers. Students with this background are definitely encouraged to start at this level.

. . . Την ίδια περίοδο που αναπτύσσονται οι Κοινότητες των Ελλήνων στις ΗΠΑ, τον Καναδά και την Αυστραλία, αναπτύσσονται και οι ελληνικές της Νότιας Αφρικής . . .


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