Italian Program

Study Abroad in Italy for Spring Break: La Serenissima: Journey Through the Region Veneto.

See a presentation from one of the Study Abroad participants here!

Over 60 million people worldwide speak Italian as their native language. Italian is a language of vital cultural, commercial, and political importance. Italy is known worldwide for its history, art history, architecture and literature. Italy is also famous for design and style. In addition, Italy became one of the world's largest consumer markets and industrial producers in the 1980's.

Italian Club

Italian Club of UNC Charlotte is an organization which aims to bring students together with a common interest:  Italia! Through this club and the help of our advisers we're here to bring a piece of Italy's culture, food, art, language and even music to Charlotte. No matter how big or small your interest is, the Italian Club of UNC Charlotte is the club for you!
President: Savannah Walls
VP 1: Jason Sanft
VP 2: Kimberlyn Wayland
VP 3: Stefanie Testa
Treasurer: Andrew Walker
Secretary: Takinah Scales
Faculty Advisor: Maria Rains
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Italian tutoring may be available at the Language Resource Center and at the University Center for Academic Excellence in Fretwell.  Please check the websites for more information.