Program Requirements

The B.A. degree in French, German, Japanese, or Spanish is a relatively structured program, beginning with language classes at the beginning and intermediate levels and culminating in more advanced classes in literature and culture as well as continued study of the language itself. Both French and Spanish offer two concentrations for completing the major as well as special options for double majors. Spanish offers an Honors Program and the department is developing Honors programming for the other majors as well. All four majors encourage students to master the language through study abroad opportunities. Students with little or no background in the language should declare the major as Freshmen in order to graduate on time; students who do not need to take beginning or intermediate language classes may declare as late as their junior year and still complete the degree on schedule. Majors may also pursue Certificates in Translation and in Business Language as part of their coursework. Students interested in pursuing teacher licensure, study abroad or the Honors Program in Languages, should contact the Department as early as possible. For more details on requirements, please consult the Academic Plan of Study.


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