Logan Lampkins wins Silver Award in National Japanese Competition

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Logan Lampkins,a  UNC Charlotte Senior Double Major in Japanese Studies and International Studies, won the Silver Award in Category III (Possesses advanced-mid to advanced-high level speaking proficiency) at J LIVE.TALK 2017 on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at George Washington University.  J.LIVE (Japanese Learning Inspired Vision and Engagement) Talk is a college-level Japanese language speech competition that emphasizes a comprehensive range of learned communication skills. Unlike a traditional speech contest, this competition will evaluate the dynamism, vision and level of engagement of each participant’s presentation, which can include audio-visual materials, audience interaction, and other innovations that enhance his or her talk in a manner similar to the TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) talks. The competition aims to provide a platform for graduate and undergraduate students of institutions of higher education to:

  • showcase their proficiency in Japanese

  • polish their public speaking skills

  • share ideas from their unique perspectives and

  • connect with the larger Japanese-affiliated community.

The competition consists of a preliminary round, the semifinal round, and the final round. During the prelimiary round (September 1-September 29) entrants send in a short video on a designated topic. Two different panels of judges will narrow down the field to 18 semifinalists and subsequently 9 finalists. The final round consisting of 9 live presentations.  The top awards include a chance to study abroad in Japan, as well as cash prizes.

Of his interest in Japanese, Logan noted:

In high school, I registered for a Japanese class after my interest was sparked by a Japanese hiragana writing tutorial I found online. This small interest eventually turned into a passion and I decided to study abroad for a year to fully immerse myself in the language and culture. Now, I am pursuing a career in translation and interpretation. Learning Japanese has been one of my most rewarding experiences so far, and I aspire to further develop my Japanese skills.

Dr. Kato joined him to support during the competition. She said that Logan’s presentation was excellent and he answered all questions without any problems. She was very surprised that Logan did not receive Gold Award. Japanese Studies at UNC Charlotte believe in Dr. Kato’s words and we are all proud of his achievement.

Congratulations, Logan!