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The Polyglot Press is the official newsletter of the Department of Languages and Culture Studies.  Please note the publication dates of each newsletter.  There are two options for reading this newsletter:

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Fall 2019

Click the cover image below to read online or download via the following link:  Polyglot Press Fall 2019

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Summer 2019

To download:  Polyglot Press Summer 2019


Spring 2019

Click on the image below to read online or download a pdf version by clicking on the following link:   Polyglot Press Spring 2019

Polyglot Press Spring 2019 Cover






Spring 2018



Fall 2017

To download: Polyglot Press Fall 2017 Download



Spring 2017

To download: Polyglot Press Spring 2017 Download



Fall 2016

To download: Polyglot Press Fall 2016 Download



Spring 2016

To download: PolyglotPress: Spring 2016 Download



Fall 2015

To download: PolyglotPress: Fall 2015 Download



Spring 2015

To download: Polyglot Press: Spring 2015 Download



Fall 2014

To download: Polygot Press: Fall 2014 Download