Ana-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau

Associate Professor and Associate Chair
COED 441

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David Arcia

Spanish Lecturer
COED 422

Born and raised in El Salvador, David moved to Charlotte in 2014. He holds a Mayor and a Master in Environmental Studies, with specialization in Education. Interested in environmental issues, community development, photography, and technology....

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Whitney Baggs

Academic Interests Young adult fiction translation, Consumer electronics and technology translation, History of the Spanish language Other Interests Orchid growing

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Zahra Bahrani-Mostafavi

Lecturer in Farsi
COED 422

Ms. Bahrani has many years of teaching experience in different areas of science and education. She has been a lecturer of Farsi language  at UNC Charlotte since 2011. She is very engaged in community services and  cultural activities. 

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Yuliya Baldwin

Lecturer in Russian Studies
COED 422

Yuliya Baldwin is a Lecturer of Russian Language and Russian Literature. She has also taught and coordinated a course in Global Connections. Baldwin has instructed courses in an on-campus, teleconference and online formats. She was awarded an Excellence...

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Enika Banerjee

Japanese Lecturer

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José Manuel Batista

Associate Professor
COED 405

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Michèle Bissière

COED 423

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Jordan Bledsoe

COED 466

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Hugo Pascual Bordon

Spanish Fellow
COED 421

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David Boyd

David Boyd

Languages and Culture Studies

Assistant Professor of Japanese
COED 404

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Isabelle Buhot-Batista

COED 422

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Anna Gallant Carter

After working on Habitat for Humanity International projects in Latin America, Anna developed an intense curiosity for the Spanish language and became involved in the Latino community not only in Latin America, but also at home in the U.S. It was with...

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Renee Cave

Renee received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Business Administration from Winthrop University. She is now pursuing a graduate degree in Spanish with a concentration in translation at UNC Charlotte where she is a member of the Mu Chapter...

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Susan Cernyak-Spatz

Education Ph.D. and M.A., University of Kansas, 1972 B.A., Southwest Missouri State College, 1968 Honors Honors: S.M.S. Regents Fellowship: 1966-68 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship: 1968 Who’s Who in U.S. Colleges: 1968 Fulbright Seminar Scholarship:...

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Susan Cernyak-Spatz

Professor Emerita

Dr. Cernyak-Spatz lived in Berlin from 1929-1936, attending grade school until age 10 and then attending Lyceum (higher education girls’ school). In 1936 her parents moved to Vienna where the family business had a branch. Hitler’s occupation...

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Susana Cisneros


In addition to teaching, Ms. Cisneros has worked as a  interpreter/translator for the Mecklenbury County Courthouse.  Ms. Cisneros has been teaching for the Department of Languages and Culture Studies since 2008.

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Carlos M. Coria-Sánchez

Associate Professor
COED 417

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Daniela Cunico Dal Pra

Italian Lecturer

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David Dalton

Assistant Professor of Spanish
COED 463

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Edwin Dávila

Spanish Lecturer
COED 422

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Lorena Delgadillo

Spanish Lecturer
COED 464

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Amber Donley

Amber Donley obtained her bachellor's degree in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  

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Michael Scott Doyle

Professor (Directing Santander program in Spain, 2017-18)

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Paloma Fernández Sánchez

Spanish Lecturer / Spanish Advisor

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Garrett Fisher

Originally from Salisbury, North Carolina, Garrett obtained his B.S. in Spanish Education from Western Carolina University. He also studied at ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico and taught for two years in Franklin, NC as a high school Spanish teacher and...

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Picture of Julia

Julia Geaney-Moore

Languages and Culture Studies

Administrative Support Associate
COED 439

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Noha Ghali

Arabic Lecturer

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Robert Gleaves

Associate Professor Emeritus

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Concepción Godev

Associate Professor and Graduate Director
COED 408

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Susanne Gomoluch

German Lecturer

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Ann González

Professor of Spanish and Chair
COED 435

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Dale Grote

Associate Professor
COED 450

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Candace Reese Haithcox

Candace is a high school Spanish teacher in Alexander County.  In 2012, she earned her National Board Certification for Teaching. She lives in Taylorsville, NC with her husband, Adam.

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Carol Hartley

Business Services Coordinator
COED 442

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Bobby Hobgood

Director, Language Resource Center
COED 443

See my online Curriculum Vitae 

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Jane Houston

COED 422

Ms. Houston has taught for the Department of Languages and Culture Studies since 1982.

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Angela Jakeway

Senior Lecturer, German Coordinator and Adviser, Coordinator of Certificate of German for Business

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Phillip Kaffen

Assistant Professor of Japanese
COED 455

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Fumie Kato

Associate Professor
COED 451

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Karoline Kiefel

German MA Fellow
COED 421

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Jeffrey A. Killman

Assistant Professor
COED 462

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Anastasia Koralova

Teaching Professor
COED 448

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Mary LaMarca


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Aura Lawson-Alonso


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Tianran Liu


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Maryrica Ortiz Lottman

Associate Professor - Spanish; Affiliate Professor- Latin American Studies and International Studies; Adjunct Professor- Women's Studies
COED 457

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Maria Mahaffey


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Austin McComas

Coordinator, Language Resource Center

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Shanna-Kay McKenzie

Shanna is a Jamaican student with a passion for languages. She has studied abroad in Mexico where she lived with a host family for a semester. She has a particular interest in Medical Interpreting. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Academic Honor...

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Christopher Mellinger

Assistant Professor of Spanish Interpreting and Translation Studies
COED 461
704 687-6016

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Martha Miller

Professor Emerita

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Chikako Mori

Senior Lecturer
COED 445

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Seirin Nagano

Japanese Fellow
COED 420

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Irma J. Navarro

Irma graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Spanish from Davidson College in 2007. She currently serves as Assistant Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Assistant Director of Multicultural Admission, and Associate Director of July Experience at her alma...

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Marie-Thérèse Noiset

Professor Emerita

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Olga Padilla-Falto

Spanish Lecturer & Spanish Hybrid Coordinator
COED 446

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Andrew Parkhurst

A native of Chattanooga, TN, Andrew developed an interest in Spanish while in high school. He completed his BA in Spanish in 2009 at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and came to Charlotte shortly thereafter to begin his MA in the Translating...

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Bianca Potrykus


Bianca Potrykus is a Lecturer of German and Coordinator of Elementary German. She studied Applied Linguistics, German Language and North American Studies at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and the University of Vienna, Austria. She holds a Master’s...

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Anton Pujol

Associate Professor
COED 456

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Maria Teresa Rains

COED 421

Ms. Rains has business, translating/interpreting and volunteer experience in the United States, Germany and Italy. She has been teaching for the Department of Languages and Culture Studies since 2002.

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Robert C. Reimer


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Mónica Rodríguez-Castro

Assistant Professor
COED 410

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Robert Sandarg

Associate Professor Emeritus

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Cassidy Schenley

Cassidy graduated from Penn State University in 2009 with degrees in Spanish, English, and Comparative Literature. He entered the translation program at UNCC in 2011 after two years as a high school teacher. He has spent time in Spain and Mexico. ...

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Valeria Schmid Queiroz

Graduate Assisstant
COED 460

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Megan Sharpe

Megan received her B.A. in Spanish from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 2012. As an undergraduate, she also completed two minors in Geography and Latin American studies.  Megan entered the Translation and Translation Studies program...

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Kate Skorodinskaya

COED 422

Kate Skorodinskaya is an instructor of Russian studies. She graduated in 1995 from Moscow State University with a M.A. degree in Journalism. She worked for Russian national TV channels (ORT, RTR) as a screen writer and editor of TV-programs,...

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Allison Stedman

Associate Professor
COED 416

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Katherine Stephenson

Associate Professor
COED 458


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Bridget Stipicevic

Bridget Stipicevic

Administrative Assistant
COED 439

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Shaun Stone


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Saundra Swain

Saundra Swain lives in Wilmington, NC and is currently an Executive Assistant in the Business Development department at PPD. She hopes to transition into a bilingual position in the Medical Communications or Clinical department soon. Saundra received a...

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Ekaterina Terentieva

COED 421

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Carolina Helena Timoteo de Oliveira

Adjunct Instructor of Portuguese

Carolina Helena Timóteo de Oliveira is a professor of Languages and Culture. She spent most of her life in Belo Horizonte, Brazil where she taught English and Portuguese for seven years. In the fall of 2016 Carolina moved to Charlotte to join the Latin...

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Christine Vance

Associate Professor Emerita

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Victor D. Vazquez

Victor was born in the United States and comes from a Spanish and Puerto Rican family. He completed his B.A. in Spanish at Virginia Tech in 2013 and is now starting his M. A. in Spanish (LLC). Academic Interests Southern Cone Literature Other Interests...

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Sandra Watts

Senior Lecturer; Coordinator of Elementary Spanish
COED 449

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Kai-Uwe Werbeck

Assistant Professor
COED 452

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Samuel White Jr.

Sam graduated in 2012 (MA, Spanish, TTS track) and founded Lengua Lounge right afterwards, specializing in translation of business, legal and medical documents into English, editing...

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Shirley Wright

COED 460

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Yukiko Yokono


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Melody Zayas-Peña

Melody received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Italian from Ithaca College. She is currently working on a Spanish M.A. with a focus on Translation and Translation Studies.  Academic Interests 20th century Latin American Literature, Legal and...

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