Chie Drake

Adjunct Instructor of Japanese




Spring 2021

Virtual office hours

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 10:15 – 11:15am or by appointment


Teaching Schedule

JAPN 1201-001

JAPNL 1201-001

JAPN 1201-004

JAPNL 1201-004 

JAPN 2202-003

JAPNL 2202-003 online synchronous

Chie Drake studied Foreign Language Education at Reitaku University in Japan with a focus in Japanese Language education. She spent 10 years living in Thailand teaching Japanese at the Buriram University, at the Thammasat University and at the Kasetsat University. She also taught English language classes at Universities and worked as a researcher at Research Institute of Telecommunications and Economics in Japan. Chie moved to the United States in 2013 and started teaching at UNC Charlotte in 2016. Her research interests include motivation of foreign language learners. She is originally from Tokyo, speaks English and Thai, enjoys swimming and cooking.


B.A., English Literature, Otsuma University (1998)

MA, Japanese Language Education, Reitaku University(2000)


Lecturer, Buriram university, Thailand 2000 - 03

Lecturer, Thammasat University, Thailand 2003 - 04

Researcher, Research Institute of Telecommunications and Economics 2004 - 08

Adjunct Lecturer, UNC Charlotte 2016- present

Specific Research Interests

motivation of foreign language learners

cultural linguistics