Daniela Cunico Dal Pra

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Teaching Professor Italian




Spring 2021

Virtual Office Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm and by appointment

Zoom: https://uncc.zoom.us/my/dcunicod

Advisor Minor Italian
Advisor Minor Film Studies
Coordinator Italian


Teaching Schedule

FILM 3050/ITLN 3050 8:30-9:45am online synchronous

ITLN 3202 10:00-11:15am online synchronous

ITLN 3051/FILM 3051 1:00-2:15pm online synchronous

Daniela Cunico Dal Pra is a Teaching Professor in Italian. Currently she is the coordinator and advisor of the Italian Program and Film Studies at UNC Charlotte. She teaches Italian language, including upper levels, as well as translation; she designed all the topics in Italian courses currently offered at UNC Charlotte. Since 2014, she organized and lead the Spring Break Study Abroad to Italy Program; in 2018 she initiated the Summer in Rome Program, in collaboration with the College of Arts+Architecture. She collaborates with the UNC Charlotte Honors College. She is interested in Italian literature and film, Italian history with special focus on Italian and Italian-American Mafia, Migrations across the Mediterranean Sea, Italian Business, and European Art History. She also works on the translation of memoirs and novels from Italian to English. She promotes the Italian Culture at UNC Charlotte and within the community of Charlotte by organizing cultural events (Opera, arts events, films and lectures). She cooperates with Casa della Cultura Italiana of Charlotte. Through this partnership, each year one student of Italian at UNC Charlotte receives a scholarship of $2,000 to study in Italy.


Ph.D. in Romance Languages, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. (2017)

M. A. in Teaching Italian and Latin Language and Literature, Provveditorato agli Studi di Vicenza and Università di Venezia Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy. (2000)

M.A. Laurea in Lettere e Filosofia. Università degli Studi di Venezia Ca’ Foscari, Venice, Italy. (1993)


Teaching Professor in Italian, UNC Charlotte, 2020-present

Lecturer in Italian, UNC Charlotte, 2014-2019

Visiting Lecturer in Italian, UNC Charlotte, 2012-2014

Adjunct Lecturer in Italian, UNC Charlotte, 2001-2012

Lecturer in Italian, Emory University Atlanta (GA), 1999-2001

Specific Research Interests

Italian Language and Literature

Latin Language and Literature (with focus on Greek and Latin Mythology)

Italian Culture

Italian Business

Italian Film

Italian Mafia/ Italian-American Mafia

Migrations across the Mediterranean Sea

Italian Fashion and Jewelry

Translation (English <->Italian, French<->Italian)

Western Art History and Architecture

Latin and ancient Italian Manuscript (from XIII Century to XIX Century)

History of ancient and modern Venetian Art History and Art of Goldsmith

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