Fumie Kato

Associate Professor of Japanese
COED 451

Visit Dr. Kato's website Ph.D. The University of Sydney (2000), M.Ed Honours, The University of Sydney (1995), M. Ed. The University of Sydney (1992) Japanese Applied Linguistics, Student motivation, Time management instruction, Learning strategies Improving Student Motivation toward Japanese Learning. Tokyo: Gakujutsu Shuppannsha. 2010., Student Preferences: Goal-Setting and Self-Assessment Activities in Tertiary Education Environment. Language Teaching Research. Volume 13.2. (April 2009)., Kato, F. (July 2007). A comparative study of motivation: Foreign language learners of Spanish, French, German and Japanese in tertiary education. Studies in Language Sciences, 6. 97-112., Kato, F., Yasumoto, S and Van Aacken, S. (April 2007). A comparative study: motivation of learners of Japanese among four universities across two countries. Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching, 4, 1, 41-57., Kato, F. (2002). Efficacy of Intervention Strategies in Learning Success Rates. Foreign Language Annals, 35, 61-72., Kato, F. (1999). Classroom activity: Learning strategies report. In Barfield, A. & Robert, B. (Eds), On JALT98: Focus on the Classroom: Interpretations.(pp. 110 – 118). Tokyo: JALT Central Office. Student motivation| Time management instruction|