Find your panel either on the Program Overview or the Detailed Schedule.
  • Click on the Zoom room link of your panel about 10 min prior to the beginning of your panel
  • No password will be required

Each Session has 

  • A ZoomRoom Host who provides their Personal ZoomRoom
  • A Chair who will introduce the panelists and moderate the discussion
  • A Tech who monitors the Chat and the audience
  • Members of the Audience
  • The audience will type their questions in the Chat
  • The Chair will address all questions at the end of all presentations
  • ​You will respond to questions and invite follow-up questions at which point the audience member can un-mute and discuss
  • You will have privileges to share your screen
  • You may send your presentation to Julia Geaney-Moore ( until February 25, if you prefer that the Zoom Host share your PowerPoint

  • If you are showing a video or your PowerPoint includes audio, please go to your Advanced Settings while in the Zoom room and click on Share Audio