Francophone Studies Minor

Minor in Francophone Studies

The minor in Francophone Studies allows students (who are interested in topics related to the French-speaking world) the opportunity to acquire a basic level of cultural competency by taking courses taught in English and offered across a range of disciplines, including but not limited to Africana Studies, Film, History, Latin American Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, Philosophy and Women’s Studies. In addition to fostering critical thinking and other transferable skills, the broad base of knowledge about Francophone-related topics that students acquire in this minor positions them to work for companies and agencies that serve the growing Francophone population in our region and worldwide. Career possibilities include: 1) the foreign service, the military and other governmental agencies; 2) governmental organizations with an emphasis on international or cross-cultural orientations; 3) international business. The program director is Dr. Allison Stedman.


Study Abroad Experience

Courses taken while studying abroad may count toward the Francophone Studies minor. To learn more about our programs in Martinique and Limoges, France, please contact the program director, Dr. Allison Stedman.