French Major/Minor


For more information on the French major, French minor, and the Languages and Culture Studies: Business French and Translating, French-English, Undergraduate Certificates, see the catalog.  UNC Charlotte offers Study Abroad Programs in French-Speaking Countries.

General Requirements for All Majors. All students are required to fulfill General Education requirements described in the Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements section of the Catalog, in addition to coursework specified below.  Please see the Academic Plans of Study for more information.

Note: Introductory language courses may not be taken on a pass/no credit basis if they are being used to fulfill a college or departmental foreign language requirement.  Students majoring or minoring in Language may not take required courses in the Department on a pass/no credit basis.

Placement. All incoming students can take a UNC Charlotte Placement Exam in the language they wish to study, if they have had previous experience with that language.  Foreign language majors and minors are advised to take a placement exam to help them determine at what level they should begin studying their chosen language.

Writing-intensive courses (W). All foreign language majors must take at least one W course offered within the department.  Such courses include, but are not limited to:  FILM 3050, LACS 3050, LACS 3160, FREN 2209, GERM 3160, RUSS 3050, RUSS 3203, SPAN 3009, and SPAN 3019.