Italian Planning Sheets

A Minor in Italian consists of 18-20 credits (six 3-credit courses and up to two 1-credit courses) above the 1202 level.  See the Undergraduate Catalog for a complete description of the Italian courses.


Required Courses (18-20 hours)

  • ITLN 2201 Intermediate Italian I (3)
  • ITLN 2202 Intermediate Italian II (3)
  • ITLN 3201 Italian Grammar and Conversation (3)
  • ITLN 3202 Italian Grammar and Composition (3)


Plus six hours from the following*:

  • ITLN 3050 Topics in Italian (3) (W)
  • ITLN 3051 Topics in Italian (1-3)

*Students may take ITLN 3050 and ITLN 3051, ITLN 3050 twice, or ITLN 3051 twice, for a total of 6 credits. When the topics classes are not taught in Italian, they will be taken concurrently with a one-hour additional language component (ITLN 3051, 1 credit) in order to count toward the minor.