Bypass Credit

Testing out

In order to test out of the College of Arts and Sciences basic requirement in foreign languages, students must demonstrate 1202-level competence on either the French, German or the Spanish Placement Exam. That is, the test should tell the student to register at the 2201-level or higher. In order for this placement to be official, a student will need to take the test in the Language Resource Center where it can be proctored and the results uploaded to the student’s transcripts. Note: Students who test out of a given language will not thereafter receive credit for a 1000-level class in that language unless they are enrolled in 1201 or 1202 at the time of the test. In that case they will be allowed to complete the first-year sequence.


Receiving Bypass Credit

Students who take the foreign language placement test and who are not currently enrolled in a foreign language class and who make a B or better in the course they have been advised to take based on their placement test score may receive bypass credit for the previous course.

That is, if a student places into 1202 and makes a B or better, he or she will receive 4 hours of credit for 1201. If a student places into 2201, the bypass credit (4 hours) will be for 1202; if a student places into 2202, the bypass credit (3 or 4 hours depending on the language) will be for 2201 and if a student places out of all beginning and intermediate foreign language and is advised to begin at the 3000 level, a grade of B or better in the first class taken at this level will provide bypass credit for 2202.


Assistance from the Office of Disability Services

Students with certified learning disabilities or with impaired sensory, manual or speaking skills who require special assistance regarding the foreign language requirement should contact the Office of Disability Services. All other questions regarding the foreign language requirement should be directed to the Department of Languages and Culture Studies.