Credit by Examination Policy and Guidelines

A student currently enrolled at UNC Charlotte may pass a specially prepared challenge examination and receive credit for a University course without having to do the normal course work. The student contacts the chair of the department in which credit is sought to request administration of an examination. Since it may not be appropriate to award credit by examination for some courses, the decision to offer an examination is that of the department. If the chair authorizes an examination, the student is instructed to pay the required fee for credit by examination and to bring the receipt of payment to the examination. Hours earned through credit by examination will be indicated on the transcript, but no grade points will be awarded. Hours attempted will be assigned equal to the hours earned. Failure on such an examination will incur no grade point penalty or hours attempted. A department may allow a student to take examinations for courses not offered at UNC Charlotte, if it deems it appropriate to do so. No student may challenge a course for which either a passing or failing grade has been received at UNC Charlotte.

The Department of Languages and Culture Studies adheres to the UNC Charlotte policy on credit by examination and, in addition, applies the following guidelines:

  1. The Department of Languages and Culture Studies offers credit by examination only in exceptional cases and then only for skills courses at the 3000 level. 
  2. Students requesting credit by examination must be enrolled at UNC Charlotte at the time the examination is given.
  3. Students may not earn credit by examination if they have already received credit for a higher-level course in the same language, except by special permission of the Department Chair or Associate Chair.
  4. Instructors giving credit by exam must submit the graded exam and a course syllabus to the office.
  5. Only full-time faculty are authorized, but not required, to grant credit by examination.  Other instructors need special permission from the Department Chair or Associate Chair.

Exceptions to the above guidelines require the approval of the Chair or Associate Chair and the appropriate language staff or instructor.

Updated and approved by the department on March 30, 2012.