Guidelines For Placement Into Elementary and Intermediate Foreign Languages

If you took at least 3 years of a foreign language in high school and made grades of C or better, you automatically place out of 1201 and 1202 (which, depending on your major, may be your entire language requirement). If your major requires a third semester of foreign language (2201 or the equivalent) or if you want to continue studying the foreign language you began in high school, use the chart below to determine what course you should take.

 Years in High School  Class to Take at UNC Charlotte
 1 YEAR 1201
 2 YEARS (with grade B or better)  1202
 2 YEARS (WITH below B) 1201
 3 YEARS (WITH C or better)  2201
 3 YEARS (WITH below C)  1202
 4 YEARS 2201
5 YEARS (without AP credit) 2202

If you took the AP or the CLEP exam, the credit you receive will indicate the next course you should take. If you received 12 hours of credit, please check with the Department to determine what 3000-level course you should take.

If you are a native or heritage speaker of French, German, or Spanish (that is, if you grew up speaking another language besides English in the home) or if you have extensive study abroad experience, you are encouraged to take the CLEP test to determine your level of language proficiency and to receive credit for what you already know. Information on these tests can be found at the College Board's Website.