Russian Minor

It's Worth Studying Russian!

Do you know that Russia is the largest country in the world? That it stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, covering eleven time zones and occupying one-seventh of the world territory? Do you know that Russian is the fourth, if not the third, most spoken language in the world?

Russia, which may be struggling economically, is probably the richest country in the world in energy and mineral resources. This country still has the second largest military in the world and is a major player in determining the future of Eurasia. This country has advanced science and technology, fascinating literature and art, colorful and intriguing customs and traditions. Yet, for many Americans, Russia is known only for its cold weather, Cold War, and vodka. It’s high time to go beyond these primitive stereotypes. There is so much more to Russia. Winston Churchill described it as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Now, as never before, times are favorable for unveiling this mysterious land, which offers new opportunities for cooperation.

Whether the nature of the relationship with a foreign country is professional, economic, or political, some knowledge of its language and its culture will invariably be useful. You may become a part in building and shaping this new brave world! Besides, it’s very appealing to employers and to professional schools to see this very important line in your resume. This qualification indicates that a person can handle all kinds of different and difficult challenges. (Nevertheless, Russian is not so hard as many people tend to think and there is much logic to this language.) So, yes, learning Russian and acquiring useful knowledge on a very significant part of the world could make a big difference in your career. Do things Russian! It will surely enrich your world.

UNC Charlotte offers you a variety of courses that can help you to open the door to Russia. You may take any of these courses separately or, if you choose Russian as your minor, you may take all of them. There is also an established “Summer in Moscow” program (4-6 weeks or more) at The Russian State University for the Humanities, which has been very popular with our students.

Note: To the best of our knowledge, no other institution of higher learning in the Charlotte area offers any Russian program.